End Papers Course from anywhere

Create a hand-sewn book to honor the passing of a loved one, from their papers, over four live online sessions, from the comfort of your own home.

"I created the first End Papers book to honor and register the loss of my grandmother. Fragments of her papers and marks became a beautiful, mysterious, hand sewn book. As I share this book project, I see its power to transform. I'm inspired and delighted now to show others how to make their own." - Hannah Burr Artist, Writer, Course Teacher.

ENROLL NOW: (Limited seats, first come first served)


PREMIUM ($299) a bonus one-on-one session with Hannah

Here is what you get when you secure your seat:The Toolkit of everything you'll need, over 15 individual tools and materials, sent to your door before the first class, so that you can skip shopping for supplies, and complete your book without guesswork.The Guidebook A comprehensive, HB illustrated, step by step printable PDF guide to everything we’ll do together, so that you can make as many books as you want, in perpetuity!Small Class Size A perfectly sized, six (max) person class, so that you'll feel connected and supported as we transform these personal papers in a unique way.Sessions Designed with You in Mind with opportunities to get centered, get a clear overview, share and ask questions, so that you are seen, heard and in community.Four two-hour sessions that we'll select together after sign up, so you can delve deep from paper selection to your completed, hand-sewn, End Papers book.A cover in your choice of six colors with your loved one's handwritten name and dates, sent to you as part of your kit, so you can fully complete your book without guesswork.Bonus / Optional Add On A one on one private 30 minute session with Hannah over zoom for extra time, attention and guidance on your book or anything else you'd like help with :)


PREMIUM ($299, includes a private session with Hannah)

We will schedule this course together once you're registered, likely for within the month of May.

* "Hannah as your Guide, Accompanier, Vision Companion..... Hannah creates experiences that are real world-making...consciousness-opening, and reality-connecting." -M. Klein*